It was obvious from the off that Matt was the man for the job. He understood what I wanted to achieve and the sound I was going for. Matt made the whole process of recording my EP enjoyable.

— Richi Jones, singer-songwriter

“The Ellipsis” worked with Matt on a couple of songs and we were delighted with the output. Matt was extremely accommodating and took the time to understand what we needed and why. Meeting with him before the session gave us the confidence that he would offer his ideas and experience while allowing the band to retain full artistic control. He is extremely calm and professional whilst encouraging the guys to get the very best performances from them. We have already booked further sessions with Matt and look forward to producing more great work.

– Paul Smith, Wasted Potential Management

The tracks are exactly what I wanted. I feel like they are extremely me and complement the style of the songs and the lyrics really well.

— Melissa Severn, singer-songwriter

Great producer with a wide musical palette — a pleasure to work with!

— Ben Drummond, singer-songwriter

Having an experienced producer who has a great ear and is a great musician himself was really helpful. Thanks Matt!

— Nath Brooks, singer-songwriter

Matt was an invaluable asset to the process of recording our album. He discussed and implemented ideas with us that complemented and improved the recording without detriment to the original concept.

His production reflected our pure live sound whilst adding the extra shine which we felt was needed. We found it extremely comforting to know that someone as knowledgable and professional as Matt was at the helm of our production. For us, he is exactly the right sort of producer to have in the studio.

– Those Amongst Us Are Wolves