Matthew Cotterill - Music Producer, Gospel Oak Studio, Midlands

Both a producer and musician (keyboardist/producer/co-writer with Speak, Brother), Matt is well acquainted with both sides of the studio glass.

Making authentic recordings for performing artists with live musicians, Matt has helped develop a range of acts across multiple genres. He highly values song writing, the importance of the lead vocal, and the che­mistry of a live band that supports a song’s needs.

He works closely with art­ists before the main re­cording ses­sions (pre-production) where he helps to shape and arrange the songs and parts, as the vision for the record unfolds.

Matt’s production has helped artists to gain national radio play (Radio 1 – Huw Stephens, Radio 2 – Clare Balding, BBC Radio 6 – Mark Forrest, Kerrang – Johnny Doom), regional radio play (BBC Leeds, BBC WM), publishing deals (Warner Chappel, IndieSonics), sync placements (MTV, Channel 4 Primetime, numerous ad­vertising place­ments), sig­nificant play­listings on Spotify and fea­tures in na­tional publi­cations, including NME.